Sling Net Type with Safety Covers Centrifugal Separator

Features and Function :


Basket, shell and safety cover are all made of stainless steel. The machine is incorporated with a hydraulic system to open / close the safety cover.


Combined with hoist to lift the sling net, easy & speedy for fabrics & yarns handling, more efficiency than standard models.


Switch the VS motor, then it can proceed an integrated operation of speed variation, revolving, stop, opening cover. One person can operate several sets simultaneously.

Sling Net Type with Safety Covers Centrifugal Separator DS-SN-60


High dehydration effect different fabrics & yarns, save drying time, save setting time & save cost.


Adopt Y-D type starting switch, with adjustable timer, safe and easy to operate.

Specification :

Model Power
pDxH (mm)
Force (g)
Filter Area
Outside Dimen. (mm) Kg
Length Width Heigh
DS-SN-60 VS 30 1,524 X 700 760 160 ~ 200 484 3.35 3,200 2,200 1,800 5,300
DS-SN-63 VS 40 1,600 X 950 700 380 ~ 420 426 4.78 3,200 2,200 2,010 5,800

Remark: Besides of the above specifications & dimensions, other can be designed and produced by orders.