Company Portfolio

Our company - Dong Suo mechanical Enterprise Co., Ltd. has had more than 20 years experience in the design and manufacture of precision centrifugal separator for domestic and overseas customers.

Our Centrifugal Separator is made of excellent materials. The main parts such as driving shaft, etc. Are made of special steel and fitted up with thorough bearings and other parts which are produced by world-wide known manufacturers. As the driving part is fitting in with an automatic speed adjusting clutch, it will be started gradually when it is operated so that the load of motor may be protected smoothly. The body of machine is less vibrated by the tripoint hanging spring to keep the operation safety and durable. The basket has been measured by precise equilibrium which may assure the revolution running safely other anticorrosive materials respectively, and they are suitable for various uses. Since our company has been established, the policy of our business was all the times that to make our products being of excellent quality, safety and practical, easy to be maintained, and of high efficiency.

Our annual production is the largest in our country and has won good reputation by the government and private organization as well as both local manufacturers and the S.E.Asia countries.

Products List Of Dong-Suo Mechanical Enterprise Co., Ltd. :

  1. centrifugal separator
  2. industrial centrifugal separator
  3. special centrifugal separator
  4. special cylinder type centrifugal separator
  5. sling net centrifugal separator
  6. oil hydraulic centrifugal separator
  7. motor driven centrifugal separator
  8. standard type centrifugal separator
  9. bottom discharge scraping type centrifugal separator
10. biotech centrifugal separator
11.semi-conductor chemical machine
12.electrical industry chemical machine
13.pesticide industry chemical machine
14.dyeing industry chemical machine
15.plating industry chemical machine
16.fertilizer industry chemical machine
17.sythetic material chemical machine
18.acid chemical machine