Special Cylinder Type Centrifugal Separator

Features and Function :


Basket,shell and safety cover are all made of stainless steel. The machine is incorporated with a pneumatic system to open / close the safety cover.


The centrifugal separator has a aluminum alloy petal curved type drum screen, and can be equipped with cylindrical drum stand to prevent deformation of drum. The special design can facilitate the dehydration of silk string and yarn (silk spinning and yarn) of any size that can save working time for loading and unloading the silk string and yarn (silk spinning and yarn), and minimize the processing time of silk string finish and yarn finish (finish of silk string and yarn).


nwearable for cylinder drum & yarn, also non-deformation of yarn.


Since the machine is the most effective hydro-extractor for the dehydration process of different yarns (silk spinning and yarn) it can save a large amount of drying time, and reduce the processing cost.


The following three types of machine are available for the manufacturers in textile industry.

Special Cylinder Type Centrifugal Separator - Net of dyeing tube / Reinforced meshwire
Special Cylinder Type Centrifugal Separator DS-ND-49
Special Cylinder Type Centrifugal Separator DS-PS-49 / DS-ND-49

Inner Net : single layer, flower petal type

Inner Net : double layer

Specification :

Model Power
pDxH (mm)
Force (g)
Filter Area
Outside Dimen. (mm) Kg
Length Width Heigh
20 1,240 X 580 860 90 ~ 100 kg 442 2.73 2,500 1,700 1,620 2,700

Remark: Besides of the above specifications & dimensions, other can be designed and produced by orders.