Standard Type Oil Hydraulic Centrifugal Separator

Features and Function :


Basket, shell and safety cover are all made of stainless steel. The machine is incorporated with a hydraulic system to open/close the safety cover.


The machine is driven by an hydraulic motor driving system which provides smooth start, low power consumption and stable speed acceleration.


This type has not any consumption of clutch, brake belt & V-belt. No dust, no static-electricity and not need to be driven by belt wheel.

Standard Type Oil Hydraulic Centrifugal Separator - DS-OP-63


The machine is incorporated with an hydraulic brake system which provides stable and smooth deceleration. The special design of the machine will not cause sharp braking and shaft distortion.


The hydraulic motor driving system can rotate in high speed or low speed or in clockwise or counter clockwise direction.


No auxiliary motor is needed, and there is no need to change the driving pulley belt.


The operating speed (rotating speed) range is 8-700 RPM which speed can be properly selected for handling the dehydration process for different kinds of fabric.


The machine provides a high dehydration effect that can save working time of drying, and therefore reduce the processing cost.


The Rotating Basket (Rotating cage) has passed the computerized balancing test. Thus it will not cause any safety problem.


The machine is incorporated with an oil temperature controller; an oil level controller, a three-point suspension type vibration sensing device (sensor) and a tachometer (speed meter).


All the parts of the hydraulic system are provided by REXROTH and are imported from Germany.


The complete machine adopts the PLC micro computer monitor system, and is incorporated with a adjustable timer controller to provide a comfortable and safe operation environment.

Structure Diagram of DS-OP-63 :

Standard Type Oil Hydraulic Centrifugal Separator Strcture Diagram of DS-OP-63

Specification :

Model Power
φDxH (mm)
Force (g)
Filter Area
Outside Dimen. (mm) Kg Remarks
Length Width Heigh
DS-OP-60 30 1,524 X 700 760 730 484 3.35 2,630 2,200 1,966 5,600 Oil Box
DS-OP-63 30 1,600 X 950 700 1,164 426 4.78 2,630 2,200 2,170 6,260 Oil Box

Remark: Besides of the above specifications & dimensions, other can be designed and produced by orders.